Coppa Engiadina St. Moritz

Amateur Modern and Latin Trophies

Coppa Engiadina St. Moritz Switzerland
Showtime at the Coppa Engiadina 2002:
Ralf and Olga Muller-Omeltchenko

This top event in Switzerland unfortunately no longer exists. It took place from 1996 - 2005 and was very popular not only because of St. Moritz and the beautiful landscape.

Organizers: Gunter Rudack and Elf Heinzelmann, Engadine Dance Sport Club, Switzerland

Main Attractions:

Open International Amateur Modern (Standard) and Latin

Open International Senior I and II Modern

Open International Tango Argentino

In addition there are open Pre Championship competitions (Swiss and German A-class / Italian A2-class) in Modern and Latin.

St. Moritz, in the high valley called the Upper Engadine, is one of the most picturesque places in the world. A quotation from the official website of St. Moritz:

"St. Moritz is one of the most renowned holiday resorts of the world. Chic, elegant and exclusive with a pronouncedly cosmopolitan ambiance it is situated at 5624 ft (1856 m) above sea level, in the middle of the lake dotted landscape of the Upper Engadine. The "dry, sparkling champagne climate" has become legendary and the famous sun of St. Moritz shines on an average of 322 days a year.

Our spa resort is located on the mountain side of the Engadine facing south (at an altitude of 5624 ft). With its Romansh heritage, its proximity to Italy and mostly German speaking population St. Moritz is characterized by the influences from three different cultures. It originally gained its significance from its mineral springs, which had been known for their curative effects for some 3,000 years already. Next to its picture book location along and above the lake, St. Moritz offers an attractive blend of nature, culture, sports, activity and quiet.

St. Moritz is the cradle of alpine winter tourism (1864) and sports (1884). It set the stage for two Olympic Winter Games and a great number of ski and bob championships...

The sun of St. Moritz is more intense (southern exposure!), the "champagne climate" dryer and the snow much more likely to hold than anywhere else. These components, along with the lakescape and valley groove of the Upper Engadine, provide the background for a host of attractions which are unique with regard to quality and diversity: alpine and nordic cross-country skiing (marathon!), Cresta Run, Bob Run, horse and greyhound races on the frozen lake, cricket, polo and golf tournaments, olympic ski jump, Gourmet Festival, Snow & Symphony (the music festival of St. Moritz) and many more in winter, whereas in summer it is mountainbiking, inline skating, hiking, wind surfing, ice skating, golfing, tennis, sailing, the National Park - all of which is within easy reach."

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Report of the Coppa Engiadina 2005

Link to the Organizers:

Engadine Dance Sport Club, Switzerland

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